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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Name The Ground


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9 hours ago, Zico said:


I'm not as good at this than undies

need some more obscure match action shots


this one then I'll leave it for now


Love that photo. First away game I ever did with my dad. We paid in at that main stand at the bottom, walked across what was then an open terrace at the right hand end and sat in that little shed of a stand at the top of the pic. Oct 74 so would have been half term so no surprise me dad would have been keen to spend a weekend at his mother in laws over in Yorkshire. Main memory is Hugh Curran smacking one in at that right hand end  in a 3-1 win. Even found a pic of the programme from the game



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38 minutes ago, gonzo said:


Been in there many a time. Once I was with an old mucker who supports Hull, so as they were playing a night game there we went down on the lash for the day. At the ground we went in that boozer, which then had an entrance fee - i.e. two burly bouncers by the gate into the fenced off front area demanding a few quid (which we paid, as did everyone else going in). After a bit, a group of Hull turned up and their leader was a massive shaven headed bruiser of a guy. Upon being asked for the fee his answer was "fuck off". Which they did, probably sussing it was a wise move 🙂

Other time I went to to a Hull game, me, him and his missus ended up in an identity parade in the seats at Reading's old ground.  Some Hull had jumped Reading fans and given them a kicking, with one now in hospital. So the police marched his mates along in front of the Hull fans to try to identify the culprits. I thought "they'll fucking pick me even though I didn't do it and am not a Hull fan". Fortunately, they didn't...

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