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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Name The Ground


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22 minutes ago, Gravel rash said:

Gay Meadow, Shrewsbury. If you could look over the wall at the other side of the pitch you may see a bloke on the river  in a big floating basket trying to catch footballs. 

A coracle

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10 hours ago, Traf said:

A coracle

See if this was a Carry On film:

Peter Butterworth: "they used to get the balls back using on of them little boats"

Sid James: "That's coracles..."

PB: "no, it's true..."

Barbara Windsor saunters past.

SJ: "I'd paddle out to retrieve those two bouncing beauties....yak, yak, yak...."

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1 minute ago, Whitestar said:

Iirc, the other semi was spurs v wolves.

Out of all of those teams Ipswich were by far the better team at the time, can't remember the other 3 being owt special at the time.

Crush at Leppings Lane Spurs v Wolves match. No lessons learned.

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3 hours ago, Traf said:



1 hour ago, Biggish Dave said:

Must be, looks like the Holte End. I thought Villa as soon as I saw the photo


43 minutes ago, Mannyroader said:

City v Ipswich 1981 FA Cup semi-final.

Paul Cooper in goal plus Mick Mills in white. City number 3 ...?


Just after city scored

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7 hours ago, Roger_Dubuis said:

2 league titles in 100 years, 7 league titles in 12 years

I meant there seems to be a misconception that city had a poor support and no history till the oil money came in.

Obviously the oil money has bought success and a shit load of 'fans' with it. But they were hardly Bournemouth.

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