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Salford, Friday the thirteenth

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Neville is a wannabee boltonian. Played cricket in our league, lived most of his life here, tried to get his tellytubby house in our district. slagged us off. You can shine it up that he was there wit

I thought Gilks spoke very well then too  Great stuff

Who would have thought that a keeper talking and organising his defense would have such and impact on their confidence 

1 minute ago, Whitestar said:

I'm suppin some strong beer but there's not much wrong here with these lads, that Santos favers Bruno Ngotty.

Your lucky tonight’s the night you’ve tuned in! But you’re right not much wrong at all.... so far 

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3 minutes ago, Farnywhite said:

Anyone noticed This ifollow commentary is a head of the picture we’re getting 

Yes. Only by a second, but noticable.

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After having a PS4 for 5 years, I have only found out today I can log into my parents sky on the console in a seperate house 🤣

Free Sky plus a decent performance and hopefully a Bolton win. A decent nights work

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