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On 06/12/2020 at 13:01, Biggish Dave said:

While out with the dog, I was trying to think of when we last rattled 5 past anyone in the league. The last I could remember was Newcastle 10+ years ago

In the same time, I thought very quickly of 8 teams who have put 5+ past us in the same time.

We've had far too many thrashings in the last decade

Stoke at home ?


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Hes not Score that second, from the best pass of the game, its game over We stroll the second half and everybody raves about thomasson

Harsh that, he’s Come in for Tutte and he’s completely different player, like to see Thomason in with Tutte behind him. 

Motorways been moved mate 

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I’d still be tempted with White or Conley whoever has trained better. It has highlighted a massive gap in our squad though. We need a Karl Henry type player in there, Tutte isn’t going to fit for all of the season so certainly need better options than White and Comley

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14 hours ago, JimmyRiddle said:

I wonder if two traditional midfielders would help, sat in front of back three, then if wing back has disappeared up the pitch the centre half can push out into the full back areas confident a centre midfielder will drop in behind??

So a 3 4 1 2 formation.

There lies the solution to Evatts problem

Or one of the midfielders drops back to the attacking wing backs position and makes a flat back 4

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