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Another Populist backed by an Asset Fund Manager who stands to make personal gains, I for one have had enough of this crap now seeing my Country being governed by right wing idealistic journalists, Fuck off back to Crystal Palace is what I say.

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Is their head office a reclamation yard?

And no, he's just a gotcha soundbite bellend who's desperate for another stream of funds after his acting career has gone to shit

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11 hours ago, Rudy said:

He’s called Lawrence?

im out

Hey! My middle name is Lawrence, as was my dad’s and his dad’s. My lad doesn’t have a middle name so that little family tradition went by the wayside.


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I do hope he’s serious.

I assumed his career had hit the skids and he was just auditioning for future work.

He bummed Billie Piper. He should consider himself a fortunate man.

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