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Before the Vale game I thought we would be going into the Cheltenham in the play off positions and not far from the top 3. Last two games we have been given so many soft goals or we would be full of confidence. I can see a Cambridge performance though and 1-1 or we will nick it 2-1. White in for the young lad and put Isgrove in for Crawford

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Buzzing my little cotton socks off after that.  Social distancing on the train meant Sober Dan was pretty quiet although he did go for about 4 shits either way.  Must of ate something a bit off t

There was at least 20 of us behind that goal. Others, I know were down the side. UTW.

The stepladders @ Barrow & Cambridge were the best of all. Especially S in the last minute @ Barrow. It took planning of land ownership. You can’t just rock up. It was proved t

2 hours ago, DomRepWanderer said:

... to get a glimpse of Michelle Keegan int flesh

I sat next to her on a plane to Barbados 18m ago.

She was very pleasant. I was, clearly, some old man she thought deserved a few words & probably beyond thinking what I was thinking.

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15 hours ago, Take Hunt Off said:

Certainly a game for Delaney with his aerial power not sure Santos even gets off the ground .Could do with another defender to win headers ......Taft maybe ?

Thomason might get replaced by Comley for this one .Needs someone to get their foot in early doors .

Agree on Taft for Santos THO, he’s far better in the air and more mobile and experienced than Rico. Personally, I’d push Santos forward into the Campo role to stiffen up midfield, leave Thomason in but replace Crawford with Isgrove. Jones definitely to RWB and let Gordon take the left back role but as a defender, not attacking. Let him give the ball to Isgrove and Thomason instead. This will be the toughest defensive test yet so expect an aerial bombardment.

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