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Best & worst of 2020

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What a shitty year but which games has made you most pissed off of 2020, and which has given the most satisfaction?

For me, Oldham and the last minute winner was the worst.

Struggle to think of a best. Probably Tranmere back in January

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Watching my lad lead the team out in feb v Tranmere. Seems a lifetime away.

Also that 1 minute after we scored at Blackpool. Think that was the last match I went along with my old man. Not sure he will see another away :(

Theres too many bad to list.

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For me, no loss this season is as bad as last season - because at least it means something again. If we lost last season then I’d just ignore it and move on, because we were already down, whereas this season I’m back to actually giving a shit. So the whole end of last season is the worst for me.

Best - Cheltenham. Last minute winner, fans in the ground, it all felt semi normal.

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Hard to include anything since March as there’s just that little bit of detachment from it all. Though don’t me wrong, of course I’ve been fuming at a good few of the performances this season and likewise was bouncing around the living room after the equaliser yesterday, but it isn’t quite the same when you’re not there.

Based on the above, and for no reason other than it was the last ‘proper’ away day*, I’d like to nominate the 0-0 draw at Wimbledon in March as the best. Worst was probably the collapse at Lincoln, conceding three goals in the final five minutes.

*Not including Burton because of it being a midweek game with about 150 of us there

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For me,  we hit Rock bottom in 2020.

Just when you thought it could not get any worse than 2019 -  it  did.

It was not any particular game that stands out but it was just after the January transfer window had closed and we came to terms with another impending relegation. 

THen in early february it happened -  Football Ventures announced the arrival of Tobias Phoenix. 

This was the man who was to be entrusted with turning BWFC around 

I genuinely thought FV had lost the plot and that will always be my low point of 2020

The highpoint for me was again no individual game - though Cheltenham edges it for me if I had to pick a game , no my highlight was seeing on social media  the lengths @Captainmed and his mate went to with their step ladder - just to get a glimpse of a game 




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Football wise it's all been shit. 

Can't think of a genuine high point. Cheltenham winner was the only time in Ifollow I've 'celebrated' any goal. 

Genuinely can't remember any of the games before March lockdown. 

Roll on 2021

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The win over Tranmere, last minute winner v MK Don's just after we'd missed the penalty and equalisers at 'Coventry' and Blackpool.

Worst bits were the slow march towards relegation, conceding the late deciding goals in those games ^ and pretty much every home performance and false dawn under Evatt. 

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Worst - getting stuffed by the pie eaters pre-season after a decent win against Accrington giving us false hope.

Best - Wimbledon away was ok but spoiled by the long walk from the pub and a few of our lot going past on the bus.  So it has to be Cheltenham.  That moment where you can't help but celebrate even though you shouldn't really be there and then that lad appears from our left to celebrate with the players in front of us.   

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