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Feel like I'm in The Twilight Zone or summat, we've a striker scoring a goal every other game and folk want him dropped. The mind fucking boggles.

Here we go again. Lad's played a handful of games and in some aspects looks a cut above what we've got. But already no better than league one at best. He's a teenager, with plenty of time to

I'm surprised Thomason is getting criticism. His emergence has to be one of the few successes this season. Playing 9th tier football in October FFS. Not afraid to get stuck in, looks to play it f

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Cheers all , i'll turn round don't think ive ever been in that mind set to do anything rash just a temporary blip and a good win would be welcome. 

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4 hours ago, Biggish Dave said:

Only guessing but if Tutte struggles with 2 games a week, they will be trying to use him sparingly and ask Lee to do his job

It's got to be this surely.

Had quite a rest before Tues though

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17 minutes ago, Good Knee said:

Not in the best of places today, I  know a lot of people are similarly depressed or worse and don't want to be a me, me me, but fear this game will only add to my woes so I'm going for a walk and avoiding it.

Been there mate, wishing you a speedy recovery.  Had days when I've been pleading with BWFC to be a positive and not a further negative.  Touch wood I feel strong enough to take whatever this team throws at me today!  It will turn for you so that you're looking forward to games again, irrespective of whether the team improves.

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15 minutes ago, frank_spencer said:

I like Thomason but he runs round like his head weighs 10 stone.

I also think his boots are magnetic. Every pass he makes goes backwards. What’s the betting they swap polarity at half time?

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