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Wednesday-Saturday is only the same time frame as Saturday-Tuesday And Sat-Tues-Sat is the same time frame as Sat-Wed-Sat. IE wants to stop moaning about irrelevant shit IMO. Refs? yes O

We're not making the Play-offs. Just enjoy that result for what it is - a fucking cracker of a comeback, and another reason most of us love the Wanderers.

When did we sign Phil Hook ? Sounds like he had a blinder tonight and upset Nigel

Right massive result and last 15 minutes, I am sure some of the doubters such as Hugh Ready and Jimmy R are just as happy as the rest of us. Now is the time for everyone to stick together. 

Strength in depth shine through as the subs changed the game. 

Williams for this level is a very decent CMF Lee looks good. Not sure if we need an extra body in there. 

5 off play offs 9 off promotion  

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7 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Winner winner chicken dinner, and fuck off Clough.


He's left footed.  There isn't another player in the squad that can connect that well with either foot (and not many that can do it with any). 

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Just now, JimmyRiddle said:

Fuck off, he had an awful game.

But we won, so don't care!

Did he fuck. Not a single one of them had an "awful" game.

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3 minutes ago, Rudy said:

Don’t talk shite 

It's not shite, he lost the ball around the half way line more times than the commentator could come up with ways of saying it. He missed a open goal with a header, collectively we didn't have a shot on target until 70+ minutes, so he didn't have a good game. 

And yes he made a 2 yard pass to a guy who then smashed it in from 20 yards. 

Anyway I am happy we won as much as the next man so not gonna comment anymore!

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First time we've come from 2 goals behind to win away from home since Blackburn in 2004.

Great winner from Arthur.

Hopefully Thomason isn't dropped in favour of Williams on Saturday.

Oh, and I also thought Doyle had his worst game for us, not that it matters.


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Tremendous result in the end well done lads👏

won’t lie it was shite in spells and only playing when we concede does get my back up but great character

5 points off 7th play offs is a very realistic target 

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Good win in the end.

We were awful in the 2nd half up until their first goal & went worse, then they scored again. 

A lucky cross flies in and after that we looked like world-beaters.

Great comeback.

250/1 was traded on the exchanges when we were 2 down. 

Could this be the turning point? 

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Just now, Gonk said:

Never saw that coming....as I fucked it off about a minute after 2-0, didn't look like we were going to score, pitch was getting worse

I took the dog out for a pee ( him not me) at 2 - 0. There was a spell almost under the camera when the ball kept bouncing off shins, theirs and ours for throws. Two apiece when we got back.

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