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Recommend a supermarket 'secret' food that you always buy that folk might not be aware of

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Not your usual Greggs shite from Iceland, but those real secret things that you reckon nobody else knows about.

This bad boy from Home Bargains

Love Chovi a Twitter: "Checking our stunning Garlic Dip "La Brava" we  guarantee you'll be very impressed. http://t.co/lGXbzgadVM #garlicdip  http://t.co/ME8T1vs2iL"


or these fuckers from Lidl, dipped in a brew



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Security guard at work dunks his toast in his brew I assume his dead mother is stuffed on the couch

£3 Tesco dip you chicken in egg, then this, then egg then this, leave it to set fry it.  Perfect fried chicken 

Bloody hell just been in aldi too. Love duck. Will have to give it a try. 

Just now, Winchester White said:

Didn't think I was to be honest?

Dunking cookies is right on ??


M&S spicy chicken tenders with spicy tomato sauce are wonderful  

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17 minutes ago, Winchester White said:

Dunking cookies?

I am lost, everyone is on wobbly eggs tonight

You put a pictures of cookies for dipping in your tea. This is known as dunking.

I was pointing out dipping cookies in your brew is hardly right on. 

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3 minutes ago, Winchester White said:


It was kane57 not you ! That explains it ! 

Did not understand why you were been accused of being right on  

Edited by Ani
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23 minutes ago, Escobarp said:


if you like salt and chili stuff from the Chinky thank me later 

they sell it in single tubs. It’s unreal trust me 

Nice one.

Sod off Crawley you big grumpy choc ice selling grinch

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