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51 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

Just light rain this way be very passed off if cancelled 

Went for a walk, just got in ready to pop my 10 dabs to the EFL and the tin pot cunts have called it off.

Seriously that pitch looks playable, my side garden is playable and that can be boggy after a deluge of rain!

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25 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Happy it’s off, get players bedded in 4 from next 6 at home, get some momentum, think that’ll help us, sneakily fancies us if we can win next 4 home games.

And Southend away, got to be aiming to win there

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1 hour ago, MickyD said:

I used to be driver operator of one. If someone fancies it, I’ll work the thing. No jumping up and down when we score though, it gets a bit bouncy.

Could you not just borrow Simon Snorkel?

Then we could flood the pitch if we start losing?

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IE believes it was right decision.

“But, for me, we’d have been better off tossing a coin on a pitch like that to decide who wins, you couldn’t play football on it. And the conditions were only going to get worse because the forecast is heavy.”




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2 minutes ago, RoadRunnerFan said:

Who the fcuk are these commentators? Are they watching the same game?


Listening to Salford Commentary. Far more professional.

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