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2 hours ago, Biggish Dave said:

Hope the positive tested player is not a regular starter

He wouldnt have played today or tuesday

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If it goes ahead -  Salford City 1 BWFC 2 The promotion party continues.......... COYFWM....

Going to be some end of season if this carries on, game every other day😀

He wouldnt have played today or tuesday

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7 hours ago, captainmed said:

As I posted I was there earlier and they were not confident it could handle the rain forecast.

They were right.

Were you there setting up a step ladder?

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1 minute ago, Dr Faustus said:

cunts shouldve moved to salford sports village and filmed it on a camcorder

Had this discussion yesterday and can only assume these games aren’t moved to training grounds or 4G pitches or whatever because of how quickly people would be able to work out where it’s being played and head down there. 

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2 minutes ago, marple whites said:

Would have been interesting calling it off in normal times about an hour before - and then having loads of Bolton milling around Salford and Manchester.

Normal times that would’ve of been called off pay day for them 

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13 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Got me Ian Brown/Bez walk ready..........  awwwwwwlriiiihhhhhhht rrr kid 

Don't forget your maraccas and freaky dance to complete the look!!! 

Whenever I've seen Browny or Bez walk, it looks like they've shit themselves

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