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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Morecambe (H)


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3 hours ago, Benny The Ball said:

This will actually be the last of the    "I never thought i would see the day that we are playing ............. " days as Morecambe are now the only current team in the League we have never played in a League game. 

Crazy thing about this League is that despite everything we have done to implode , results wise  this season , and despite spending most of the last couple of months looking at us getting closer to the bottom of the table , and focusing on the teams below us , we remain tantalisingly close to a play off spot - just 11 points off  with a game in hand , and even an automatic spot is just 13 points off with a game in hand. 

Its a massive 3 points tonight 






As you say its a daft league, points wise not much further off play offs than bottom 2, but I think we can safely say that come Saturday night one of the "we could go up"/"we could go down" possibilities can be crossed off.

3 points or more this week arguably keeps the top 7 interest going a bit longer and realistically rules out going down.

If its 2 points or less from 2 home games, we can forget play offs.  A big few days.

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1 hour ago, BOWTUN BAKED said:

Got to put another first half good performance in ... but with goals this time, need to start taking our early chances better.

Expecting to see a lot of the ball in the air from Morecambe & a back 6/7 hard to break down. Must win those aerial challenges from their hoof ball.

Let's hope Santos is on form.

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Take it the weather is okay over there?

Chuck some more coal into the boilers for the undersoil heating.

Just been clearing snow, about 6 inches of the bloody stuff.

Managers got new toys and we played well last time out so just tell them to go out and win, 2 nil please

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