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Sad Loss of A Young Wanderer

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6 minutes ago, DazBob said:

Oh, I dunno, honestly.

Not my place to suggest it gets out out to a wider audience. To me, he was just Karl, my mate from football.  😪

Appreciate the kind and good intentioned thoughts, fellas.

The Justgiving page has raised loads, so that's amazing. If it was up to me I'd just stick with it as it is atm. 

No probs. If it changes let me know happy to try and publicize it pal. Hope you’re ok 

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A German friend of mine has just put something on Fb about this.   

I don't know whether or how she knows the family but its publicised now. Is the family from the Halliwell area ?

Edit: Yes, my friends family are friends with Karls family.

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Said goodbye to Karl today. Around 50 or 60 turned out to bid him farewell,  everyone wearing something BWFC related.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to everyone on here who has said something nice and/or donated. X

RIP big lad.

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Just wanted to echo @DazBobcomments and say thank you. 

This site and the people of BWFC really do show their true colours in people’s time of need. 

RIP pal

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I had a few minutes to myself earlier and thought about this. I cant get out of my head that my youngest is just a few years younger

It's just awful for anybody close to Karl

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