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I dont for one second believe that that you type anything without a dick in your cheek and a maggot on your hook , you are not a bolton fan nor a football fan ......you prefer womens netballl but only

Hugh.   Fuck off. 

Th'East Midlands Whites haven't really gone anywhere to just get back from, but are drinking heavily nevertheless.

6 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Better change your name Cuz ...OZtrotter 🤓

A spot has recently opened up for an Australian poster...

Prediction 1-1.

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Loved going to Boundary Park back in the day. Remember Bolton clearing out the Chaddy one year. Always lively back then.


Got a soft spot for their fans and Oldham as a club.


53% possession.



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34 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

Will Wheater be playing ? 

Having not featured in a squad since 7th March 2020, I'd say it was unlikely.
I doubt he's in their named 25 anymore.

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I'll wait and see what saturday brings first. These have had some solid results against good teams, and crap against poor teams.

No reason why we shouldn't win though, we are better than them

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17 hours ago, NZtrotter said:

Hi mate, not bad, now in Aussie, just moved last month. Hows howfen ?

as mr grey said, loads of outer towners coming in causing trouble because theres n opolice.

anyway you can try and contact Bolty, as he's dissapeared.

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