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I dont for one second believe that that you type anything without a dick in your cheek and a maggot on your hook , you are not a bolton fan nor a football fan ......you prefer womens netballl but only

Hugh.   Fuck off. 

Th'East Midlands Whites haven't really gone anywhere to just get back from, but are drinking heavily nevertheless.

Commentary - Happy 44th Birthday to Just

3 minutes ago, Ruba Mustafa said:

These oldum commentators are still prattling on about them trying to get back into the game :lol:

 The birthday shout outs are good to, happy 44th birthday too Justin Cider

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3 minutes ago, MickyD said:

I do. Nothing much changes. Perhaps Evatt’s rant wasn’t directed at Henshaw after all. 

Memory bank😉

Since then, they’ve stated they have a season ticket and a dead good fan 

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4 minutes ago, Max Cherry said:

Hugh Mungus is Roy 

If he mentions the red card or being without their best players one more time!

Given us absolutely no credit whatsoever.  Ha Ha thick senile cunt!

Has he mentioned Darren Beckford yet?

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Just now, jules_darby said:

Who the Megson is Roy?

I've just got Derek on a solo job

Oldham commentary I think.

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