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9 hours ago, Sweep said:

We moved into this new place 4 months ago - within a few days of moving in, we had cards from about 6 of the neighbours. They seem to be a friendly bunch, and I think under normal times, they're quite a sociable bunch. They're always stood in the street (socially distanced of course) - the fact that no traffic ever drives past, apart from the odd tractor maybe, means they can happily stand around drinking tea and yakking away to each other for hours on end it seems


They also have a WhatsApp group apparently, but I'll be refraining from joining that, in case I accidently forward on one of Gonzo's videos

Who wouldn’t want to be your friend ?

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Hbaht? Wait to see if a utd shirt appears, in which case piss through the letterbox. 

Another Euphemism? 😂

I think my missus detected that I was leading the conversation in that direction and intervened. They offered to walk my dog, said it was cute. I was taking that as some sort of lesbian code

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A few years ago we got new neighbours next door but one. First i heard from them was when they knocked on our door to point out i had a wasp nest in my eaves.  I knew already so said so. They then said their house was full of wasps and explained to me that perhaps because i hadn't exterminated my wasps maybe they were getting mixed up between my house and theirs.  I may have laughed a bit as i was biting my lip not to tell then to fuck off. 

My immediate neighbours saw them hacking at a hedge in their garden with hand shears so,  trying to be neighbourly, offered then the use of his hedge clippers. They managed to cut through the wire but just wrapped it up again and returned it.  Neighbour only found out next time he used it. 

He's a Bolton fan too. If he posts on here he'll recognise himself.  Do let on who your wanderersways alter ego is please. 

They've since moved but not too far away as we see them walking past with their constantly  yapping on fucking horrible Yorkshire terriers. 

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