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This missing lass Sarah Everard

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Nation of hysterical fucking grief junkies. A poor woman has been hunted down, murdered and left dismembered in some woods by a complete and utter psychopath ffs.  How about we all let her f

It won't, but then it's only a vigil (a full on protest wouldn't either) I'm quite ambivalent about it myself, but if the attention it creates leads to a review of things like this not happening

So don’t fucking do it then no need to ask for permission.    they shouldn’t have been there in the first  place and now it’s been invaded and taken over by the rent a mob woke cunts. Just fuck

2 minutes ago, bolton_blondie said:

Balancing a jug on my head full of guinness? 

Spill a drop and I’ll kick your cunt in

3 minutes ago, Escobarp said:

Is it too soon to ask how dark the baby is going to be? 😎😎


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13 hours ago, Morizio said:

New Domestic Violence Bill, now in the House of Lords 

This bit is relevant to the blue lips:

  • New offence of non-fatal strangulation to be introduced as part of ground-breaking legislation

Does this also apply to the submission holds often used by police against over-exuberant football fans?y

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1 minute ago, Traf said:

Call me a snowflake if you like, but surely non-fatal strangulation should already be an offence, shouldn't it?

Taught to police across the world.

10. The Rear Carotid Restraint

Rear Carotoid Restraint     

This is one of the major submissions used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While many police departments are placing severe limitations on the use of carotid restraints, BJJ practitioners have been using them with great success for decades without producing lethal results or even serious injury. The key is to apply the technique correctly.

  • You must have the proper position with the rear carotid restraint to avoid damaging the suspect’s windpipe.each deep in front of the suspect towards his stomach, molding your biceps against the side of his neck.
  • Bend your arm so that your elbow is pointed straight down and the crook of your elbow is directly below his trachea. This is the key — the space created by the crook of your elbow protects the subject’s windpipe. There should be no pressure on his trachea.
  • Reach up high and grab your own shoulder or simply grasp a handful of your uniform shirt.
  • Now your biceps and the inside of your forearm are pressing on the sides of his neck, but there is still no contact made on his windpipe.
  • Place your free hand behind his head and use it to push the back of his head forward.
  • Push the elbow of your arm that encircles his neck into his chest like you are squeezing it towards his spine. This usually gets your arm under his chin.
  • Now shrug your shoulders up. The motion is like you are hanging him.

An incorrect, but often too common, neck restraint puts too much pressure directly on the suspect’s trachea.

  • An officer attempts the neck restraint, but doesn’t get his arm deep enough around the suspect’s throat, clasping his hands on the suspect’s shoulder.
  • In this position it is most likely that the officer will pull backwards with the muscles of his upper back and arms which draws his forearm directly across the suspect’s trachea.


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14 minutes ago, Traf said:

Call me a snowflake if you like, but surely non-fatal strangulation should already be an offence, shouldn't it?

It's currently treated as Common Assault, when in reality it's more akin to Attempted Murder. The change would make Non-Fatal Strangulation a specific offense. Which is a good thing, obviously. It's just fucked up that they're trying to force this through in the same Bill that basically takes away the right to Peaceful Protest. They're framing it in a way that anyone who votes against the Bill is condoning Domestic Violence.

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3 hours ago, Traf said:

Call me a snowflake if you like, but surely non-fatal strangulation should already be an offence, shouldn't it?

Fatal strangulation* doesn't seem an offence if the person who pegs it happens to be a spice scrote, a spicehead who's been dangerously wielding one of those chavvy drawstring placcy 'JD Sport' bags, deadly in the right hands them.

(*After they've been chased down for nine minutes).

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Because the latter case had a copper arrested as a suspect almost immediately.

Whereas the second, occurring as it did in Dover, well there's loads of immigrants isn't there?

So the MSM must pussyfoot around and keep it low key so as not to victimise, scapegoat or hurt the feelings of said immigrants.

Even if it is possible this poor woman's killer was one.


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