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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Meanwhile In America


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the last shooting / things that go on in America thread has definitely dissappeared


not the "happy ending" you would have expected


Suspect arrested after eight people, including six Asian women, were killed at Atlanta-area spas
Eight people, including six Asian women, were killed in shootings at three different businesses in Atlanta and Acworth, Georgia, on Tuesday, according to local police. A male suspect was arrested and charged with several counts of murder on Wednesday, police said. At a press conference in Atlanta on Wednesday, authorities identified the four victims killed in Cherokee County.


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2 hours ago, Winchester White said:

And another shooting in a random supermarket.

Good to see things getting back to normal after the pandemic, hope the shooter wore a mask



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2 minutes ago, Duck Egg said:

How indifferent was the old bloke walking out of the supermarket?!! Casually confirming there was a shooter in the store and pointing out a victim on the floor

He’s not at all surprised 

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3 hours ago, miamiwhite said:

21 ? Dear God.

Did some research 

Apparently the average age of a US shooter is 35 

The youngest back in 1998 was 11, killing 5 and injuring 10, nicked the gun from his grandad 



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1 hour ago, kent_white said:

I will show my arse on the town hall steps if this was broadcast for real 😁

Same here 😃 

I know one station fired their host after she was reporting it was a white supremacist who was responsible,  a bit much by her employers.

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10 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Rubber dinghy rapids bro

That was on film 4 last night, happened upon it just as it was starting. It might have been aided by the fact I'd just had a doobie but I'd forgotten just how funny that opening scene is, was proper howling. 

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