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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Meanwhile In America


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2 minutes ago, royal white said:

The article headline (I didn’t read the Article as it wanted payment) blames Trump. You then echoed that. 🤷🏻 Anyway are you watching that court case 😂 what a fucked up country 

no, but I've seen comment on it, if they don't convict him I can see it going to appeal on the judges actions so far

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4 hours ago, Sweep said:

who was the loon who used to post on here who thought that the issue wasn't to do with them actually being allowed to own guns?

Maggie Tate. 

He also denied climate change and that passive smoking caused cancer.

Absolute loon.

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57 minutes ago, Traf said:

or put the stinger out in front of him

That proper made me laugh! 😂

Seriously though - if you really have to shoot him, why shoot him god knows how many times? I mean once is enough surely. Twice seems excessive. More than that just screams to me that you enjoy shooting people. 

Actually I think I've answered my own question! 

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4 hours ago, Spider said:

My favourite bit is when, after they’ve shot him 9 times and he falls to the floor clearly dead, they then handcuff him.

What a place.

This. Absolutely this. Its a wonder he didn't just fall apart when they dragged him about.

Shocking bit of video.

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The parents of the Michigan school shooter went missing but have been arrested after a FBI manhunt. 

The parents bought the gun, allegedly as a Christmas present. 
posted on social media with it, made a video discussing killing his school mates. Went to school had a meeting with the school and parents about his behaviour. Hours later started killing. 
His mam text him not to do it. Both facing man slaughter charges. 

Fuckin America 

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