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Right let’s nip this in the bud. If@RatchetMan @hughmungus @JimmyRiddle @Whitesince63 come on here and try and make out they are some kind of football revolutionists who can spot negative things that

If he posts the same thing 20 more times before midnight, id agree with you

You need to work on the 'intelligent'. So far you have posted opinions that people have disagreed with and then you have sulked.    Out of interest how old are you ? I am mid 50s and not trying

58 minutes ago, Ani said:

Hmmm, would like to understand why we needed one last week but not this. 

Hopefully won't come back to haunt us. 

It's a risk and reward thing. Last Saturday was a six-pointer, today isn't.

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But half the posters on here were calling for his inclusion. He’s much better when everyone else has been running around for an hour.

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Delfonso must have touched the ball twice, not working for Arthur, Santos looking a bit shakey at times, to many of our players having an off day so far, let's hope for a better 2nd half.

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Don't understand the disappointment. Bar the last 10 minutes we were well on top and had a goal that was wrongly ruled out, in my opinion.

Need to take our chances but nothing to worry about so far. Did get sloppy towards end of the half but by far the better side.


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