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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

RIP Frank Worthington


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47 minutes ago, Duck Egg said:

I'm assuming Roger Hunt and Peter Thompson were both considered a bit of a coup at that time, no?

Great & much loved players, Thomo especially but not still at their peak. Great to have & see them but we'd seen nothing like Frankie since the 50's.

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Just been and put some flowers down at the ground, few tributes there and a 10 wanderers shirt. 

Fella and his Mrs there said to me “hey you’re not old enough to remember Frankie surely”

I said no never saw him play but listening to my Granddad talk about him I felt like I had seen him

Told me that’s how good he was you could talk about him for hours on end, he was a bloody maestro”

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I saw it on the Sky News ticker tape ...shouted my wife ..."oh no Frankie Worthington has died " ... I clicked over to Sky Sports News.... " Watch this " I told  her..."probably the best ever goal at Burnden Park "... She smiled..."he was a brilliant player you know " I told her ...I rewound live TV to show her the goal again.

Thanks Frank .

Stylish , charismatic and a Wanderer, he caressed the football like he did his women. He made us all smile . RIP 


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1977/78 was the first season I remember properly. My Dad started taking us in to the Manny Road Stand - and suddenly I could actually see the game. That September, Frank signed. Great fortune for me. 

He was a class footballer - beautiful volleyed long range passes, capable of holding the ball up target man style and of course scorer of spectacular goals. He always thought the one he got at QPR was better than the famous Ipswich one. If only every game was filmed back in those days. 

Frank got us promoted after repeated attempts that just fell short. And he scored the goal that did it on that famous night at Ewood when we took over their ground. Then the season after we did the double over United and he got a last minute goal at Old Trafford. In BWFC terms that is Roy of the Rovers stuff - end of.

RIP - he will never be forgotten.

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57 minutes ago, Totty Whites said:

Met Frank just once when I was involved with BWSA back in the nineties arranging for him to attend  as guest speaker at a sportsman dinner at the exec suite at Burnden ,  probably 95/96 i'sh can't remember exactly. I had the job of organizing his attendance via his Mrs who was also his manager, on agreeing his fee, in typical Frank style it had to be cash in a brown envelope to avoid the tax man !

£600 if I remember rightly.

Frank was terrific on the night dressed in a green velvet suit reminiscing his time with us.

God bless Frank, a true legend.



Great night. Well done for getting him there that night. Got a photo somewhere in the archives. 

RIP Frank, not too many true BWFC legends but he is one of them. 

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Missus told me as soon as I walked through the door. I believe he has been in poor health for quite while.

Cheers mate, thanks for the fun you gave us, you can now finally have some fun & games with Elvis. RIP

Going to sit down with my copy of "One Hump or Two" tonight and smile.

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2 hours ago, Burndens Bogs said:

I seem to remember someone missing a pen at OT when we beat them 1-2 - Gordon McQueen?? Maybe Frank told him where to place it 😄

Seriously? I thought Peter Thompson and Roger Hunt were mega signings for us back in the day. Ok both were in the twighlight of their careers, but i was a privilege to see such talented players in a Wanderers shirt.

Definitely not playing down the signings of those 2, both ex England players.

Hunt was well before my time (though he did present me with a medal in Leigh once) but I saw the original Tomo a couple of times in the flesh and also on TV highlights, absolute quality.  I've no memory of either signing, happy to treat them as big signings at the time.     

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2 hours ago, DomRepWanderer said:

He was talking on tv about the Ipswich goal, and he said he went past Terry Butcher and asked him did you see that, you had a better view than I did,

Slightly different In the book he says has he ran back to the half way line he pointed up to the stand and he said to Terry butcher you would of had a better view from up there 😂

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It's a long time since he graced a pitch for us but it reminds me of going with my dad, putting my scarf on, crawling under the turnstiles to get in for nowt, and just being over awed by the whole thing, the game, the crowd violence, whatever.

Watch the videos of wherever he played and no-one struck a ball like Worthy did.

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What’s your fav club frank ?


Brilliant my boyhood hero. Made you proud to be a wanderer. 

The word legend is banded about all to easy these days but in this case wow what a player in every sense of the word. 

rip Frankie thx for all the memories xx



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1 hour ago, Burndens Bogs said:

I can see myself bouncing up and down like a loon in the Burnden Terrace as Frank celebrates his Ipswich goal, i knew it was me yonks ago but this time i managed to get a decent still from it with FW in the foreground arms aloft.

I’m on the video after Frankie scored that goal as Frankie went back for the restart. Must admit shed a little tear this morning. 

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1 hour ago, leigh white said:

Pretty sure Bolton fans were the first what used this tune praising Frankie.



That's just given me a wow moment. Started watching BWFC as a 10 year old in Frank's first season with us and loved the Franky Worthington chant but never realised it was from an actual song. Then started my first job as a glass collector in 1985 at The Pack Horse. Discovered that very same record on the Jukebox there and used to put it on repeatedly despite it being a bit shit. Must have been something subliminal because I have never connected it to the Worthington chant until you posted that.

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