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BWFC V Harrogate Town

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I really don't get this 'the results went for us' or 'relying on others' bollocks. The season is 46 matches for everybody and we all have to play each other. Some fuckin mentalists.  


Fuck off you cunt! Enjoy the winning feeling!

1 minute ago, barrycowdrill said:

Being very greedy here but another and shut the game down. Can’t be doing with an arse twitching last 10 

Aye I might go for a walk 

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1 minute ago, jules_darby said:

It's all about opinions but for me he was absolutely nowhere near as bad. Granted, too many touches and was tackled a fair bit

I think he could be a good player but maybe needs a rest 

He's not been at his best for a few games now

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I assume we all want to credit Evatt with sorting this out?

”they need a rocket”

”hook Maddison”

Or do we have to harp on about the fact we take a while to get going still?

90 minutes

90 fucking minutes.

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2 minutes ago, MickyD said:

Being offered £10 to cash out my 3-1 win


1 minute ago, little whitt said:

Take it 



FFS, I bet you wipe your arse with tenners.

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