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27 minutes ago, Dimron said:


Whoever it may be, now is the time to jump on the Galactico Bandwagon... Brendan Rogers is stuck on the outside and is ambitious

I met Martinez at the Reebok and was chatting to him. His plan is to return to the North West. I will back him for any decent job that come up our way. Already got him at 66/1 for next Man Utd manager.

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5 minutes ago, Steejay said:

Bet he can’t wait to see Conte again.

Be funny if he calls him a bald cunt again 😂

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16 hours ago, boltondiver said:

Mr Gravy Train.

He wins every time.

Aye - what a life. get a job with a colossal salary, fuck it up, get a colossal pay off, get another job with a colossal salary...rinse and repeat

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3 hours ago, boltondiver said:

I’m sure I read that Roma like to play attractive football?

So did Spurs 

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Inter adore him, he won the treble with them, the problem with Jose is he adapts too slowly, slower than which football evolves at 

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36 minutes ago, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:

They certainly won't be too Cavalier under Jose. 

How nice that folk are being civil on here.

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