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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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The day the nightmare ends.

middlebrook heaving with tailgate parties and jubilant fans

Massive celebrations by Nat’s statue

A long long overdue reason to celebrate something genuinely incredible given years of disappointment.

Or a damp squib that brings out the misery-hungry naysayers?

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22 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Tailgate ffs.

It's a fucking boot.


I’m starting a new thing.

Car Boot just sounds like a load of sweaty weirdos selling old toasters and jumpers.

Tailgate for the W


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We should be rested and ready to cross the finish line surely, they have a midweek game that won't be easy for them and its a fair drive up from exeter . Be nice to get promoted on our own patch.

2-1 dapo to score at last . 



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One more sweaty, dirty, nervy, shithousing, piss-boiling 1-0 will do for me and I fully believe that will be the result.

Then I can finally relax and enjoy having zero hope for England over the Summer. I'm like hughmungus for Southgate. I expect failure so anything above that will be a plus. As long as we're up I couldn't give a shiny shite about England.

No more embargo this summer, hope Shazza gets out the cheque book and signs us a couple of gems. Can't be arsed dragging this out to the final day, let's get out of this shite league.

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Pack some foldaway tables for the Tailgate Party lads.

foldaway chairs. Smoke bombs. Flares. Flags.

Lets fill the car park and make it a Tailgate to remember.

Theres a car boot sale there on Sunday if you like sifting through strangers’ bric-a-brac then claiming you’ve “got a bargain” because you paid £5 for a broken Breville.

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