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Just now, Not in Crawley said:

Quick question, I've got Now through a firestick can find the match to purchase it anywhere. Anyone know?

Think you purchase a day pass for Sky Sports Football rather than specifically the game

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14 hours ago, Dimron said:

Couldn't handle it until tonight... one more sleep. Started checking Crawley weather, heavy rain until 11am then dry, brisk 20mph SW wind gusting 37mph... just shittin' myself about everything.

Will wear usual underpants, hide in the office until 1pm, watch match with arms folded glaring at a laptop.... 

Still heavy rain, what's their pitch like?

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18 minutes ago, captainmed said:

Cheers R, appreciate it.

Spoke to Vin the other day.

I’m already booked up for Hungary & Poland, Covid permitting.

We'll see you there, we're on a road trip for this one -  Hull - Rotterdam - Dortmund - Budapest - Wroclaw - Warsaw

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44 minutes ago, Rudy said:

This is what we’re in it for Kentus 

Football is about nervousness, anxiety, berating  every misplaced pass, every minute ticking away, hearing results that affect us.

Thinking of missed opportunities, the I can’t believe he’s missed that, the fuckin hell ref at every call against us 

Sitting at home needing something to do until Kick off

Perspiration on your hands, a sweaty gooch, bitten fingernails

This is what it’s all about, the whole season for this the grand prize. 

The ball hitting the onion bag, screaming at the ref to blow the whistle, the elation the ecstasy, the singing and drinking into the early hours

This is what it’s all about. 

If you could bottle the feeling of promotion and bottle it Jeff Bezos would be even richer 

I hate football but fuck me i wouldn’t change it for the world

Yes Rudy! ... Let's 'Av it

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4 minutes ago, Dimron said:

Still heavy rain, what's their pitch like?

Just checked Gatwick Airport, becoming "No Significant Weather" from 12 o'clock (GMT) but 30kt gusts, dying off during the afternoon, hopefully the pitch will have chance to dry out a bit

TAF EGKK 080459Z 0806/0912 14008KT 9999 -RA FEW010 BECMG 0806/0809 22018G30KT BKN010 TEMPO 0806/0810 3000 RADZ BKN004 BECMG 0812/0815 NSW SCT020 BECMG 0817/0820 22012KT TEMPO 0902/0908 BKN007

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Did a load of gardening right up to the game two weeks ago. We won, so I thought it's a lucky omen and did it last week - and we lost. So today looked liked a quandary - to dig or not to dig. But then it started pissing down, so I've just started drinking heavily instead. God Bless Henry Weston. 

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Didn't realise that little shithouse Nichols was banned for our game

That's a bonus definitely , he caused us no end of problems at our place .Plus his shithousery which got Greenidge sent off.

Just got to watch Nadeson who was very useful for them


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What is it with these score updates and folk having there phones pinging off going daft. Never understood it it would drive me insane. Guess that’s why I’ve quite enjoyed the I follow more than most as I just watch the game and concentrate on that. 

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