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Right then, I watched it live on Sky. Frightened the life out of the missus and half the fucking estate when Sarce scored. Swigging Flensburgers like a madman then the second went in and it was over t

My first grandchild just been born , little lad 5th generation Wanderer , what a wonderful weekend. 

All season the wind up fuckers knock out 1-0’s, then balls up last weekend to give us twitchy bum holes all week and then produce that I fucking love you, you dick teasing, wind-up, chance missin

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1 minute ago, Youri McAnespie said:

Only AiDS now...to be jabbed against. 😉

Had AIDS. I’m immune.

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3 hours ago, burnden said:



3 hours ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

Honestly this ranks up with the best

made better it was more personal about 200 travelled Sharon, IE & the players came out after the game baptiste shared his pizza it was quality



2 hours ago, fatolive said:

The scenes here are fucking fantastic. 
no walking onto the coach with earphones on for these lads. 
pizza and beer and then the owner hugging the fans 

remember a few years ago when we had owners and players who didn’t give a shit and seemed to treat us with contempt ?

no, nether do I tonight , fuck them we’ve got it back 


54 minutes ago, Rudy said:


Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant! Best club in the world 

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Hope those at the stadium enjoy it. Not a chance of having a designated driver amongst us by kick off, never mind this time.

1 hour ago, MickyD said:

@barryk32are we booking Gillingham? Good weekend last time.

I’m thinking there’ll be a few overnighters next season.

Other half has instructed me that our emergency play off fund is going towards at least a couple of overnighters next season. Plymouth, Cambridge and hopefully Newport the current front runners. 

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This 'cap' our new God was on about...

Hook or crook first time in ages we've been connected, yes? Playing for the shirt..?

We were grasping at straws not so long ago, making heroes out of Madine.

No Offence, he may have kept our mouth above...

Fuck, Peterboro was good but nagging thoughts.

On the up, corner turned.

Love you all.

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2 hours ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

gilks was a moody cunt straight pass us onto the coach 

I wouldn’t take it personally or as a slight on Gilks, even the though I get you’ve travelled all that way and one player not reacting in an overly celebratory manner could be construed as controversial.

Don’t know if you heard his post match interview. He was brilliant, proud, reflective, mature and completely made up with our victory and promotion. And also, maybe an explanation for the above, taking on a coaches responsibility of looking after the younger players on the coach ride home and celebrating with a coffee rather than a beer post match! 

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1 minute ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Some scenes at the ground, and Doyle what a fella. 😂🤣😂

Seen doyle dive in the middle of the crowd loving it 

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6 minutes ago, bolton_blondie said:

Doyles In hotel bar getting round in whilst rest are still on coach 😂😂

He is dancing about at the hotel windows  :D  


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29 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

I think in recent weeks morecambe/fans last week & today the players have realised how big this club is 

In a lot of the interviews this season the players/Evs have stated how big the club is...

What the recent events have shown to them is how great (most of) our support is....



Superb to see how well behaved they were when the coach turned up at the hotel 👍


A big thing today for me was how much the players enjoyed promotion, and how much they enjoyed engaging with the supporters who were there today...

I hope the synergy continues next season...


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2 hours ago, captainmed said:

Doyle broke my sons nose, blood everywhere. I loved it, he knows what it means. 


And now I finally know who captainmed is!

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That was fucking mint. 

Up there with some of the best times supporting the whites. These lads were buzzing seeing 500 nob heads pissed wet through at midnight cheering us on. 

We're fucking ace us. 

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