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He’s splitting tip with his missus.

That settlement will be biblical.

She stands to get $65 Billion.


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3 minutes ago, Rudy said:


Me waiting outside the divorce court

You wanna start practicing what you preach at work if it is!! 

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"Pay her off, boys!"

(Burly hired geekgoons start smashing up Melinda's home office whilst Bill chuckles maniacally)...


Regular meme gibberish correspondent e2e4 is away for defragging.

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2 minutes ago, royal white said:

There’s going to be some fucked up conspiracies surrounding this over the coming days 

The nutters are screaming do your research as we speak. (research means YouTube) 🙄

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32 minutes ago, Zico said:

Jeff Bezos ex got 60bn, and is giving most of it away 

And he’s still worth $200bn

The Bald fuck

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Who buys stuff off the greedy bald Daddy Warbucks-alike in the first place?

It takes about ten years to load if using a 'privacy' browser, like Firefox Focus, which tells me it's probably the most tracker/analytics etc. laden site going.

They obviously have an algorithm that lists everything on the planet for sale, Green with Purple Polka Dot DeLonghi Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor Compact? Yep, we do them just 'NOT IN STOCK'...Bollocks.

Who sells on there an' all, you could sell a Lamborghini Murchi...murchel.. a Paganini Zonda and end up with about £56.79 after greedy fuck's cut.

He's got a space program ffs.

Probably planning to build a Space City in orbit, ferry bevys of beauties to it to birth his progeny which will replace everyone on Earth who he'll have killed with a deadly release of nerve agent (unharmful to plants and animals).

I've also heard you have to be fitted with a colostomy and catheter when you work for Amazon, and you get charged your first month's pay for the procedure.

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