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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

First Away Game Next Season


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1 hour ago, MickyD said:

You obviously didn’t find the boozers we found after our last visit. Belters, they were.

We kinda sorta ended up in their main pubs down Springfield way. Think the only reason we didn’t get twatted was that they were amazed that we went in there in the first place. You’d think we’d have learned after the first pub but ended up doing three of them that were packed wall to wall with their idiots. Some cracking hidden gems in the town centre.  

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1 minute ago, Exiled Girl said:

I'm looking for a nice, sunny, day when we visit Plough Lane - August or May. And Wimbledon was our last away before it all stopped wasn't it?

No, it was Burton Albion....

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7 hours ago, Eddie said:

Sheff Weds please. 5,000 of us there (and we always seem to win)

Let’s play Wigan later in the season when we’re into our stride and we’ve got a better chance of turning them over

Most I think I’ve seen us take to Sheff Weds was 97/98 and we got dicked 5-0


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1 hour ago, embankment said:

You sure I thought it was Wimbledon 

Wimbledon was the last Saturday away game. We played Burton the following Tuesday. Even in the space of a few days, the difference between the two was quite striking. At Wimbledon we were laughing off the pandemic as a few Asians walking round in face masks. By the time Burton came around, turnstile ops were wearing protective gloves and there was a collective feeling that the season was done and dusted. 

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Not very local next season some good mooching gillingham, Portsmouth & Plymouth.

Yes MK not the best however we found a great place last time in some village taxi job but nice 

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16 minutes ago, little whitt said:

ive worked there 

its a top night out 

well worth a stay over 

Aye I’ve heard it’s a good night out

hopefully decent time of the year 

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