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How Much £’s Have We All Won?

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On our promotion?

I was looking at a mahoosive payday if we had won the league, best odds I got was 200/1 back in January.

Of course , I realised that was a tall order so I covered my stakes by backing us for promotion, ended up about a grand in front.

Note - i don’t condone betting and u shud always stop when u get bored blah blah blah 😃

how did u do? 

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£698. Would have been £1,600 if we’d won the league, but doing us each way when we were 100/1 and 50/1 for the title has paid off nicely. No idea what my stakes were, but they were generally taken from any winnings as we won each game so I’m not counting them anyway. 

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PP priced us at 8/1 for a Top 7 finish at the start of Feb, so £400 up.

I’ve used some of the winnings on a Lifeline subscription and a donation to this site.

I’m an erstwhile poster, now long-time lurker.  No longer living in the north west, Wanderers Ways is great to read what (mostly) rational Bolton fans are thinking.  The stuff written within ‘Behind The Stands’ helps me keep in touch with cultural reference points 😆!

COYW - let’s do it again in 21/22 !!!

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£220 between me and MrsD. I think we both had a tenner e/w so would’ve been a decent return. I think we placed our bets soon after the transfer window shut.

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