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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Old Lancashire Sayings.

leigh white

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3 minutes ago, athywhite1958 said:

"He's feyist mon i'bent yon mon   

He is the ugliest man in Atherton he is

Good job you added the sub titles!

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Tha looks [not lucks] like th'ave dropped off a flitting 

I were feign [thankful] for that 

We're avin us dinner for us tea [wtf?!]

It's a pig in a poke

What does thi favver?

He gave backword [??]

Kekking over [tripping up - I found out recently that the Kek was part of a clog so that makes sense]

A face that could turn milk sour

She's got more faces than't town hall clock

His promises are like pie crust [ie made to be broken]

Clemped dearth 

So, so many more I can't recall atm. Unfortunately so much Lanky twang now gone forever

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