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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

2021 Summer


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Listened to Farokh Engineer on TMS today.

I’ve done some work for him over the years and I was asked to go to his house one time to meet an Indian tv production team. The idea was that I would reframe his collection of photos while he talked about his memories of each photo.
This would be broadcast to millions in India.
I went, talked to the tv people and quoted a price but it never happened. 
It was still a privilege to meet one of my heroes from that golden age of LCCC.


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16 hours ago, Casino said:

How good is woakes?

Not flash, but he just performs

Be nice to roll em over for sub 250 but I reckon England get 5 sessions to make 320 to win and lose by 150. 😀


He’s quality. Really enjoy watching him. 
This wicket is so hard the conditions are great for bowlers. India going to need to hit 300, 250 minimum which I think is a tough ask but they’ve got a good start. Need to take a wicket in the morning session.

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100% IPL related. Set of shithouses. Got a mate up from London today. Meant to be there all day tomorrow. Was even forfeiting my daughters birthday party. Oh well, 15 nippers running around screaming and kicking off could be better entertainment and at least I won't have a stinking hangover on Sunday now.

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