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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Happy Wanderer - Rest in peace 😢😢


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Posted on behalf of Horwich, Carl, Zico and myself


Im sorry to need to post this, but over the weekend, Neils daughter was in touch with an update on her dads health


Hi, just thought I would update you on my dad. Over the past few weeks he’s deteriorated quite a bit and he had an appointment at The Christie today in which they told us they can’t do anything else for him. We aren’t sure how much longer he has left. It’s been a hard day but we would like to thank you and the rest of wanderers ways for everything you’ve done for us x

Im sure the support for Marias run has been a small comfort for the family at this diffcult time

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  • The title was changed to Happy Wanderer - Health Update

I remember way back when I was a member of a couple of Bolton forums that no longer exist....after a bit of research looking for another I learned that Wanderersways had more members than any other football club forum in the world . So I joined .

There was a European cup game that I couldnt get to , and Happy called me personally to tell me that he would get me on a chartered flight . He didnt know me , I didnt know him other than as an admin on here. But sure as shit ...a man of his word he got me there and back . 

He will never remember me , but I will always remember him !

Thankyou  Happy !

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