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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

A View From The Other Side


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45 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

So we're cheats, we're over physical and we time waste.  I'm watching a different game.

Same with Cheltenham fans last week 

Fans hate time wasting against them but see no issue when they're doing it 

No idea why anyone gets wound up by it myself

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19 minutes ago, matty2094 said:

If someone fancies taking on that responsibility, I'm more than happy to hand over the reigns for loses 😆

You're doing a sterling job Matty. I don't doubt that you still do a great report win, lose or draw. I'm just less likely to read it if its the latter 🙂 

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20 hours ago, CambridgeBWFC said:

(Can't see a 0 - 0 draw) or Bolton scoring 5 in a game - in a month of Sundays.

Hands up - that was me :)

I love raising opposition fans expectations and my favourite comments in response were all the abuse Santos was getting pre-match. I mean plenty. I'll let Matty elaborate when he has the time but there was some serious backtracking afterwards.

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2 hours ago, MickyD said:

Interesting line.

"Whilst there is a huge gap between our respective league positions this season, historically there is nothing between the two teams".

Now, I know they mean head-to-heads, but really ! 😅

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Well Matty you're going to have your work cut out with this one - I've been on the MKD sites for a couple of days and they're saying nowt - maybe there's something on Twatter? That said WellDon (good lad) has provided his thoughts on The Concrete Roundabout in his "meltdown" report and that's worth a read - but I'll leave that to you.

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