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7 minutes ago, CambridgeBWFC said:

Pretty confident he has was watching someone else other than us 

Poor really from their lad,think he was making shit up as he goes along, let's hope he passes that information on to their management team 😃

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4 hours ago, captainmed said:

All this nonsense about catering.

If it really is that bad then don’t queue. Surely you can wait until after the game for a pint?

For anything non-alcoholic and food/snacks etc, then just take them in yourself. Easy, just a little bit of planning involved.

Anyway the only thing that matters in football is the 3 points. 

There was no complaining under BSA when we were grinding out 1 nils against the big boys in the PL.


The reason it's being debated is precisely because many people aren't using the in stadium catering as it's so poor, myself included. If it was being operated more efficiently and the offering was better the club would make more money from it and fans would be more content 🙂

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2 minutes ago, jayjayoghani said:

RotherhamWays prudish enough to blank "cum". We really are spoilt having "cunt" allowed aren't we. 

Part of the English Language and an every day word for some folk.

C U N T ....lovely 👌

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2 hours ago, Casino said:

I know norwich said the south would not be used, but surely we are not locking folk out?

I don’t think it’ll get to that stage but won’t be far off. Just be a case of folk having to sit apart if there are only single seats. Dare say there will be a few contingency ones up their sleeve as well.  

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