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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Plymouth away


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Abysmal. Worse than Wigan for me. Defending was awful. Decision making has been awful. The midfield are non existent. Bakayoko can't hold the ball up. Baptiste can't defend or pass a ball forwards. Mj Williams can't pass a ball forwards. Brockbank can't pass a ball full fucking stop. 

The few chances we've created we've wasted. 



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23 minutes ago, ErnestTurnip said:

Got 2-3 written all over it this.

Lad sent me a link to MickyD's mate Shannon doing that Ronaldo thing with grown folk encouraging her which will take some unseeing.

I've seen it. A part of me died inside of embarassment. 

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Not defended 2 corners properly for their goals. I reckon if Santos and Sarcevic are on they don’t score those. Sarcevic usually closes those down on the edge of the box.


You can tell these 3 midfielders haven’t played together before, they are not quite gelling. But there have been moments that show promise towards end of half.


Next goal is massive and I think we can get it. 2 full backs done well. Isgrove busy. Dapo needs to drop a bit more to get the ball into feet. 


Great following. Come on boys give them fans something to cheer 

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