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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Tux do’s


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2 hours ago, Zico said:

Never understood them 

"Let's all wear the same thing because we'll look smart" 

Its' egalitarian. The idea is that a <insert low quality menial job> can be sat at the same table as <insert high powered top earner> and neither knows what each other does as everyone is dressed the same.

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5 hours ago, tomski said:

Aye it’s a bit poo for what in theory should be a decent night with free ale

I've got one on Monday. Fucking ball ache. Fannying about trying to sort the right fucking shirt out all week. 

If I have to buy a drink I'll be raging. 

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I've got a couple for award dos when you can't get in without Black tie but it doesn't have to be a bow tie, dress shoes and cumberbund anymore. Those are usually reserved for the older gentlemen. Tux, white shirt and slim black tie.

Now, I've never been invited to a white tie do. Those look proper posh.

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6 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Is it the do, or the outfit that you don't fancy?

Not for me to be honest, but if the do was for something I was really wanting to experience, then the suit bit wouldn't be an issue.

Not that such an occasion has ever arisen!


Formal occasions mate. Not my bag

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