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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Stockport FAC


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We’re soft as shit, all over the pitch, from centre back to centre forward. Zero fight, zero ability to dig in - when it’s good it’s great, when it’s a battle then we’re awful. There’s not a leader among them and we’re too easy to rattle. We don’t even complain to the ref or do shitty things like kick the ball away etc.

Quigley showed more in this game than all our strikers combined in the whole of the season. I won’t single out any of our players because every single one is dogshit, one or two are slightly less shit but nothing more than a 5/10.

Fair play to Stockport, we look like the National League team and they are two leagues above us, but fuck me we have surrendered to them.

Thank fuck the prize was only Rotherham away, which we’d lose.

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3 minutes ago, JimmyRiddle said:

I'm also coming to the conclusion his perception of the standard of his players is flawed, he has far too much confidence in their ability.

I think that's been a factor since day one, like style of play is more important than who's on the pitch at times.  It can just seem blinkered. 

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I have supported Bolton for over 65 years. Never have a seen such an inept , heartless performance so lacking in skill, that I have seen tonight. Stockport played us off the park and fully deserved their win. We even seem incapable of taking a throw in to one of our own players. Our lack of quality both on and off the pitch is painfully obvious. Several of the players on show tonight should not be playing at League one level, particularly Johnson, Isgrove, John, and Delfonso.

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