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6 hours ago, Anderson said:

Hopefully an Amaechi start for this one, Johnstone in the MJ role. 

I'll take a draw now, but if we play like they did second half last night a solid 2-0 win is doable. 

I’m not too sure about that. It might perplex a few but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Kachunga and Delf either side of Doyle.

As I’ve alluded to on the Doncaster thread, I’m not doubting Amaechi’s potential - he’s a talent, he’s got the skill, he looks quick and I think he’s going to be a bonus in that final third of the pitch. But he was huffing and puffing a bit last night - he’s not up to full fitness yet. And while there wasn’t much defending to do, he didn’t offer much protection to Gordon, which I think he’s going to need against better opposition.

While Delf certainly hasn’t hit any heights this season, he’s not had any fitness/injury issues, he’s experienced and he knows exactly what IE expects in that wide role. 

Would love to be proved wrong and Amaechi provide an all round performance in another victory.

Agree with Johnstone, that shape with a number 6 in front of the back 4 works well for us.

Whichever way he goes, IE’s decision should be respected. He’ll know what his players are capable of. But I can just see the #bwfc twatterati now (and a few on here) when it’s Delf selected instead of Amaechi. 

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Sympathy with IE putting a team together for this one.  I get the argument for Delf being included, but he just looks so poor either by ineffective use of the ball or just not being involved.  Last night when we were swarming all over Doncaster, he still hardly got a touch.  First impressions of Amaechi are that he might be a show pony with no end product.  Hope I'm completely wrong, just looks a bit powder puff and trying too hard to dazzle with his skills.  If its between them two, just play a half each and hope for the best!

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Before last night,our midfield has been the root of our recent shit results.

Their lack of ability to  keep hold of the ball puts our defence under pressure.

Like Mounts said, IE might have stumbled across a system which suits us.

Just don't go  telling everyone we're the best footballing side in the league.

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It’s horrendous luck we’ve had with injuries, but like IE said there’s players who have come in who are getting better with game time, so the injuries could be a little blessing in disguise.    I really do want Kachunga to do well and shut the negheads up, he was superb against Doncaster, hungry and good teamwork.    I think a draw will be a bad result, but this kiss-of-death isn’t predicting anything.  COYFWM

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58 minutes ago, Traf said:

I'd be happy to avoid defeat to be honest. We're limping towards January and these will cause us problems with their direct approach and their physicality : we're not the strongest/bravest, are we?

Pretty much where i'm at. What have we got until after we have played Rotherham - 7 league games or something like that? If we average a point per game in that run with the squad at our disposal, that wouldn't be too bad of a return in the circumstances. Any more than that, and it's decent

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40 minutes ago, Farnywhite said:

Looking at the fixtures after Saturday we don’t have a league game for another 10 days might give us a bit of rest bite to get one or two back in the squad . 
just need to fuck the papa John off in between and put out weakest team possible 

Could be wrong but I don't think any of the injured will be back before Christmas will they?  But yes at least getting a week off gives the over worked players a rest and if we aren't playing we are less likely to pick up more injuries.  At least Dapo's back for Fleetwood.

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