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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Cheltenham (H)


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.                Dixon

gordon santos Aimson john

.              Johnston

       Lee           Thomason

Kacha         Doyle         Xav


Bolton 1

Cheltenham 2

Hope I’m wrong about the score. Still need to start games better.

Doncaster game could have easily been another where we conceded first. Had a bit of luck despite a good overall performance.

Limited options on the bench if we need to change the game. Would rather see Henry or Pettifer get some minutes over Delfouneso just to see what they can do.

On a side note - anyone seen this pic of MJ Williams on transfermarkt. The lad has had a bit of a glow-up since whenever that was taken.




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On 24/11/2021 at 19:28, Johnnyrotten said:

Sympathy with IE putting a team together for this one.  I get the argument for Delf being included, but he just looks so poor either by ineffective use of the ball or just not being involved.  Last night when we were swarming all over Doncaster, he still hardly got a touch.  First impressions of Amaechi are that he might be a show pony with no end product.  Hope I'm completely wrong, just looks a bit powder puff and trying too hard to dazzle with his skills.  If its between them two, just play a half each and hope for the best!

Show Pony ?

On Tuesday nights performance I totally agree.

Looked like he was trying way too hard.

Hopefully tomorrow he will relax abit and  his talent will take over. 

Right now I will take a draw.

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My prediction for today - thermal vest, long johns and whiskey hip flask.

Anyway, Xav - made some superb bursts into space on Tuesday which didn’t get picked out because the rest were on a go slow, preserve your energy mode. If all we’re playing at normal match speed, he’d have looked more effective.

Ive seen enough from his cameos to be excited to see what he can do given a run in the team and fully up to speed

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From an entertainment factor - would we prefer an edge of your seat 3-3 draw? Or a solid defensive 0-0 draw? Either way, I’ll be happy with a draw. But after Tuesday, I think some of those fringe players have now got their tails up and will fancy it today.

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I’m strangely confident for today. After Tuesday and how everyone eventually fitted together so well, I think it’s given them confidence in spite of the injuries, that they can deliver. Cheltenham are nothing special and if we can deal with their aerial bombardment I think with Doyle back and Kachunga finally starting to show some form we can win this. Both Johnson and especially Gordon looked more than comfortable in their unfamiliar roles so hopefully with another similar performance today, they can do just as well. Wanderers to win 3-1.

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