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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Cheltenham (H)


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Just now, Casino said:

Far from limping today

Been better at the back but some of our attacking play was fantastic

It was. Played some of best stuff going forward all season.  Well done expected the worse but good stuff that.  Desperately need some other options up front though 

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Felt we were bereft of confidence til we scored and then considering the team we had out except switching off for their 2nd we were decent 

credit to the patched up team

hes a soft sod at times but Kachunga has moments of real class. His 2 touch and then ball to Doyle for that chance was absolute top drawer.

Pretty even game overall and 4 pts this week is decent but we could easily have had 6.

Entertaining  game and I hope @MickyDenjoted his special coffee 😁

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57 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Entertaining game, customary disallowed goal, customary denied penalty.

Doyle, you've got one job, put one of them chances away and it's 3 points.

MotM, their No: 10, Alfie May, Evatt have a word in his ear.

Our MotM, Kachunga.

Agree with all this

We were getting overrun first 20 then a change of formation and we looked a different team.Never thought I'd say this but Kachunga was superb.

Thought it was a very good game 

Was sat right behind Kachunga's goal cracking finish that

Now time to thaw out coyfwm

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To be fair to Doyle for that chance from Kachunga…and yes he has to score it…as a lone man up top with the 2 wife men being so far from him, I’d give him a little justification/excuse that he’d ran his socks off that much his legs were like lead by then

We look best when we get it wide and stretch them. just a little quality off winning.

Also if we hold off til half time without switching off for their 2nd I think we win by 2 or 3


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26 minutes ago, Casino said:

Great afternoon that, despite the cold

Credit to them too, for keep attacking

Stewarding and officials the only real letdown, except the get it up front brigade


Jesus, the ones behind us are going to get launched one of these days

Really enjoyed that.

Bizarre substitions mind, especially Baptiste for Gordon.

Thomason was excellent again.  Kachunga and the Hamburg lad also really good.

Good stuff.

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Really enjoyed the game today, neither team deserved to lose it. They were better than us in the first half, we were better in the 2nd, but very little in it.

We generally defended well, looked better when we went to 3 at the back after they scored.

Need to see the highlights again as I thought their 2nd goal was offside, I also thought we should have had a penalty and that Doyle should have scored with 20 mins to go.

All in all, I’d have taken a point at 3pm and it was a fair result, but Jesus, how fucking cold was it?

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Probably a fair result.....they shaded the 1st half, dominated midfield & aren't a bad team but after a bit of a reshuffle, going to a back 3, we were on top 2nd half & in patches played some lovely stuff.

Thomasson looked a bit out of his depth 1st half but sprayed the ball around beautifully 2nd half, both full backs were effective going forward ( still not sure about Gordon's defending, but he ran himself into the ground & it was right to bring on Baptiste ) & Kachunga again got better & better as the game went on ,MOTM.

Shame we still have some thickets squealing " gerrit forward" & "gerrit in the box" especially when we did go long down the middle we got nowhere, & when we were patient we made plenty chances, but still an enjoyable game.

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