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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


leigh white

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3 minutes ago, CambridgeBWFC said:

Whilst not the best overall performance,  a win, Charles off the mark another clean sheet and looking a lot more solid at the back, it is hard to ask for much more.


Get in

Top summary - and a last minute winner for the fans!

Dapo changed the game going forwards, he needs to be in the team no matter what formation we play.

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Just now, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:

Not an easy watch but a goal worthy of winning any game. He's a gud un is Charles, we just need to work out how to get him better service. 

Now he's up and running, and players are getting used to him, hopefully things will get better.

Still, missing chances and conceding is worse than creating fewer, bagging one and keeping a clean sheet.

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7 hours ago, Spider said:

Word from the Harlescott estate is that they have a big crowd of rum lads waiting for us.

On the pitch, a win. Theyre shite these.





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I bet Shrewsbury hate us.  If we have a goal of the season competition, all 3 of our's against them would be contenders.  3 top quality shots from distance right in the corner, and in both games we've hardly created a proper chance by the sound of it.  All the passing around and creating half chances is irrelevant, as Shrewsbury found out, can you shoot or head on target is what matters.  Superb to be on the right side of it for once. 

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