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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Sunderland (H)


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1 hour ago, Rudy said:

I’ll take a draw. 

Watched these a few weeks ago and they’re a strange one, have periods of huge attacking intent then just drop off then go again. Have to be at our very best

I'm not sure, they're very inconsistent. They either seem to be on it or off it, no in-between.
We need to get at them from the off, kick towards their fans first and get a couple of goals.

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Got that nervous can’t sleep feeling before a game, first time in a few months.

Got a massive chance to make a statement here, 3 wins on the bounce and beating a team in automatic promotion spots would show we mean business.

but having gone 2 games without conceding a goal makes me feel like it’s time we conceded one, and if it’s an early one I fear their tails will be up and may score 2 or 3. Can’t help but feel they’ll test Trafford much more than Ipswich and Shrewsbury did.

wouldnt mind us switching back to 4-3-3 for this game, we were all over them in reverse fixture just couldn’t finish our chances.

however, they’ve improved and we’ve changed our team a lot so probably largely irrelevant.

Definitely take a draw but big, big chance for us to turn our season around now.

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11 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Yes. And quote the square root of the product of the numerical part of the value of a parsec in metres, and pi.

To 39 decimal places.

Spare result just in case anyone needs it


trust me, they wont bother about the last 16 decimal places. If they do then we know we're really fucked.

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