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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Controversial BW opinions....


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Stolen this topic that's currently running on talksport about football in general...

Lets hear your Bolton ones...

Ill start....

Ricardo Gardner was a terrible defender and made himself look ace with last ditch tackles that if his positioning was right in the first place he wouldnt have to make.

(Ace going forward like)

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Just now, kent_white said:

Francis Muamba was shite and having a cardiac arrest saved him from a career in the lower divisions akin to Jay Spearing

I never rated their kid fabrice neither.      Thought he was poor and it topped it off one night at wiggin when he just kinda fell over the ball while trying to shepherd it out for a goal kick.   Nobody within 10 yard 

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57 minutes ago, Underpants said:

We wouldn't have won the Cup in '58 if the Munich air crash hadn't of happened.

Not to mention the second Lofthouse goal was a clear foul. Still funny though.

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We've got one of the shittest songbooks in football. 

But that said, atmosphere at home games isn't as bad as some would have you believe.

Stubbornly still referring to the stadium as the Reebok is annoying.

Hierro was no better than average when he played for us.

Megson was actually dec... no I can't.

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2 minutes ago, ZiggyStardust said:

The nearest thing to a 'real' rival we have is Wigan.

And we 'care' more about them than most would like to admit.

The fact they're top of the league (basically) pisses me off more than it probably should.

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10 minutes ago, desperado said:

If our ground was in the town centre we’d have 25,000 on every week 

Easy. Asda manny road has 30k in on a Friday dinner time 

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