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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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1 hour ago, victor meldrew said:

Got off in Bolton, howfen train had already gone, went to the York with casino for a beer, next train delayed so got on next train to Horwich parkway, only it didn’t stop, so got off and had more beer in Preston. Got back at11.15pm

Schoolboy error

he kept that quiet 

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4 hours ago, boltondiver said:

7th best away record

11th best home

Our home form needs the most improvement 

Most of the home form issues were earlier in the season. Only lost one at home for months.

A number of draws at home, but seemingly win or lose away.

As discussed before; for me the main area for improvement is perhaps scoring first more often, especially first half, and maybe making life easier for ourselves.

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Great day out.

all trains were on time.

good few beers before in a few venues before, great meeting up with so many people and recounting what’s been a really good season.

played really well second half, shame we couldn’t keep a clean sheet.

great goal celebrations.

good sing song on Cheltenham station.

got home, tired, hollowed, happy and with not much money left.

away games are brill.


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