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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Them Wigan C **nts.

Burndens Bogs

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Late equaliser for Blackburn, which will see a moderate celebration dissipate as they realise a point is shit and they’ve only drawn against bottom of the league - pretend dingles  largely left unhappy and critical as crappy draws start to accumulate dropping them into mid-table obscurity.

And yet another late goal conceded by the turds which will be an extra nail in that turd laden coffin which will soon flush down into L1.

1-1 Perfect score line 

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7 minutes ago, Traf said:

With both teams down to 10 and both missing injury time penalties 

One ballooned over the bar, the other one of those stuttering, will I, won't I, run up when he trips on his own feet, falls onto the ball which trickles to the keeper.

Both extremely dubious awards, which leads to an EFL inquiry and an end-of season deduction of 18 points each.

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Lancs is such a characterful county but these two places are blots on the horizon full of dullards. There's probably next to no rivalry between the two of them so it'll be a crap atmosphere. 

An omnishambles at Ewood on deadline day. Pie-men must fancy their chances with a new manager and some new signings of their own. Another defeat would be a massive dampener for them.


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