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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Crawley Town manager


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3 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

A player there explained that they aren't elite players, they've worked hard to get to Div. 4 level on modest footballer money but know that they are one injury, one poor run, one fall out with their manager from even that level of success being wiped out. So they rolled with it.

It still seems incredible but I guess it's a "walk a mile in my shoes" case.

Take your point, but with such apparent abuse, they could easily have got together and done it en masse. There will be some older, more experienced players too, and staff- how could they even contemplate letting it happen?

Head scratching stuff.

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It also seems bizarre that a manager can get to that level (ie manager rather than just coach or assistant etc) whilst creating a divide in the squad.  Modern squads and workplaces generally are so into team building and all pulling in the same direction that its a head scratcher that a divisive, not to mention racist, character could hold down such a job for 2 and a half years without even the buffer of being "successful".  

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9 hours ago, jayjayoghani said:

Footballers perhaps are institutionalised a bit. They've basically gone from school to football and have little idea about real world workplaces. They're also generally a bit dim, and probably don't want to alienate the boss if they can avoid it. Managers hand out favours all the time e.g. during recruitment so perhaps they didn't want to burn bridges?

I'll admit though, the above isn't justification. I was bullied a bit at work recently so it's become something I hate. 

I hope you stood up to the cunt 👍

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19 hours ago, Spider said:

Segregating blacks and whites was something they were well known for most recently.

I suppose yanks in the southern states we’re keen on it.

But the saffers were at it in my lifetime.

Welcome back 😁

Haha I keep forgetting I’m still a member. 

I’ll start posting some more 😁

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37 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

Big Clown shoes.

Size 18 left, size 20 right ... bit the toe-cap on the right opens up and reveals a mallet.


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