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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New Stadium name

masi 51

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One of those things I care very little about. Will always be Reebok in my head. If someone want to pay money for this process to carry on then feel free. 

Heard awhile back we were negotiating with Waze for short sponsor.

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9 minutes ago, TrickyTrotter said:

No issue with HB, there’s always worse.



Just read Home & Bargains deals finished now, grateful for their sponsorship but that logo on the shirt, it was shocking.   Looking  forward to seeing who the new sponsor is but can’t be worse logo. 

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The problem is, it will always be The Reebok.

I always think of it as that and sometimes find myself explaing the ground to people as "... used to be called The Reebok"

When one-day cricket got up to full speak in the 60's the knock-out cup competition was 'The Gillette Cup'. It was thus named between 1963 to 1980. It changed sponsor (who remembers 'The Friends Provident Trophy' ?? .... exactly). 

I never got used to The Macron, & certainly not The University of Bolton Stadium. 

I did like that Reebok & Macron had some sporting connotation. Makes it more relevant.  UniBol at least reflects the town I guess.

So hopefully it will be a dignified title & I kind of trust Sharon B to feel the same, but money talks.


Perfectly happy with Home Bargains on the shirts, whilst seeing the point regarding having 'Bargains' in a title. There are many, many, many worse options.

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Don’t the Kamani family also own Pretty Little Thing?

so if it was them that sponsored us, what would you prefer

The Boohoo Stadium 


The Pretty Little Thing Arena



Wouldnt surprise me if it was the Waze Stadium though, same as the rumoured shirt sponsor 

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