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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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2 hours ago, Johnnyrotten said:

I'd missed that.  Just read an Unsworth quote: "I genuinely think this club is a sleeping giant, one that can climb up not just one league, but 2 or 3, in a short space of time".  God knows what his idea of a sleeping giant is, but good luck to him.  I might be revisiting that quote in 18 months because if he can get even in the top half of the National League in that time he's done a great job, unless they get a Wrexham/Stockport type benefactor.

I'd say more of a dwarf in a coma.

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2 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Remarkable though that in the late 80s, we were watching them on the plastic pitch doing well in the top flight, with some top names. Good cup runs too.

They had a fantastic team and I enjoyed watching them, but looking at their average crowds they never even got 15k in their best era and it wasn't long before their crowds more than halved. 

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14 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

What's happened at Boro?


Nothing, just they are 3rd bottom with 10 points from 11 games and just given Coventry their 1st win, after a 0-0 v Rotherham.  I'd just be surprised if he's still there in a week if they don't beat Brum or Millwall.

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1 hour ago, Marc505 said:

They'll be hanging around the relegation plug hole again before long in the coming years, it comes to us all.

Won once in the last 15 league games. 18th currently. 

Despite the mass of anti-Wolves feelings I've had all my life I enjoyed their Nuno Espirito Santo days as they messed up the usual suspects. But, yes, there's a whole host of of clubs who will have their day & then fade from sight.

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Mental that

they lost to qpr who are 5th, drew with sheff United who are top, lost to reading who are 3rd, lost to Watford who just been in the Prem.

Had a few bad results last few games but it’s 11 games into the season and they’re only 8 points off the playoffs.

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1 hour ago, gonzo said:

Wilder gone from Boro.

Only a matter of time that one of these are going to come after Evatt...

I thought he might not last the week, but he didn't even get through the day.

His CV has took a battering from the lofty heights of a couple of years ago, a disastrous last season at Sheff U, 8 points from last 8 games last season to fail to get into play offs behind Luton, and left Boro in the bottom 3 after 2 wins in 11.  He had his pick of championship clubs not long ago, he might have to start again lower down now (after the obligatory few months as a TV pundit).

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3 hours ago, Casino said:

cant be arsed doing the leg work, but a league table showing current positions of everybody who has played in the prem would pass 20 seconds

guessing oldham are bottom?

Oh go on then. We’re still 18th. Swindon bottom


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Always surprises me that we made the PL before Sunderland and Derby. 

On Wilder, I can’t believe he took that job in the first place. Could’ve held out for the Prem surely.

His stock is still fairly high and he can expect a Championship vacancy no problem.

Boro are only heading one way; they’re fucked financially, no idea what the deal is with Gibson or how their fans feel about him. 

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20 hours ago, MickyD said:

Just had a look and Brentford became the 50th Premier League club.




Villa very fortunate that their gamble paid off to win the playoffs in 2019 or they'd be fucked right now.

I'd be surprised if we didn't match Leeds' 16 year absence seen as we're already at 10. Don't know how Blackburn have suddenly starting doing decently in the Championship last couple seasons but I can't see them going up anytime soon.

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