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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Managerial Ins and Outs 2022-23


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4 hours ago, Zulu said:

This! I couldn't stand the arrogant tosser then, and I cannot stand him now. I've always said that every club should have him for a season, just to appreciate his ineptitude and ignorance.

And breathe.

My next considered rant will be "Dougie Freedman; the Park Bench Diaries".

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2 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

That must be a longer than average survival. I wonder if Watford do that '12 months pay on exit' most clubs do.

Chris Wilder in.


Wilder, who has agreed a contract until the end of the season, is Watford's ninth full-time manager since Javi Gracia's departure in September 2019.


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2 hours ago, ZiggyStardust said:

Chris Wilder in.


So 9 in 31 months ... average 3.44 months (15 weeks). OK, a bit exaggerated as one has been there a day & Gracia survived 18 months. Let's call it 8 managers for fairness ... 3.9 months (17 weeks).

Seriously, that is bringing the game into disrepute.

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It's not just here !

2litt Scotty Parker lasted 67 days and 12 games over at Club Brugges.

"Scott Parker is no longer head coach of Club Brugge. Parker (42) was announced as the new head coach of Club Brugge on December 31 last year. The English ex-international previously worked for Fulham and Bournemouth and replaced Carl Hoefkens at Club. In 12 games, the Briton could only win 2 times."

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10 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

I can't believe Palace brought Hodgson back.

Short term, immediately available & knows the club are all well & good but ....

Me neither.

I like the fella as a person, but he reminds me a bit of Joe Biden.

Should be chilling and enjoying his life.

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10 hours ago, Marc505 said:

Conte gone.

If nothing else it has ruined Trans Euro Express this week as its now a Spurs phone in.

Temperamental bloke who can't stick around long anywhere 

Best he's managed is 3 seasons at juve 

Probably go and win the title and CL back in Italy 

Then fuck off somewhere else

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